How To Stick With Your Exercise Routine For Better Fitness


One significant element to becoming fit is making your workout a regular habit. If you’re not fit, you can get there through regular exercise and a healthy diet. The following tips can help you stick to a workout routine. Always consult your physician before you launch a new exercise routine.


1) Workout partner:

Get an exercise buddy! It’s too easy to talk yourself out of a power walk on a chilly morning or blow off a workout class. It’s a lot harder to skip exercising if you’re letting down your workout partner. We’re more likely to stick to our workouts when we have a partner. Find someone who’s compatible, equally committed to working out, and at about your fitness level.


2) Schedule:

Make it a routine! The fittest people schedule their workouts as part of their daily routine. The best way to hold yourself accountable is to incorporate exercise into your regular schedule. Lastly, it’s important to take a rest day, so you don’t over-stress your body, which could result in injury.


3) Set Goals:

Fuel your motivation by setting goals. Don’t set goals that are too high or too difficult to achieve, or you risk becoming frustrated and quitting. So be reasonable in your expectations, set a goal, and work toward it. Be sure to track or log your workouts. This helps you hold yourself accountable. It also lets you see your progress. Once you realize your goal, celebrate in some way to congratulate yourself! Then set a new goal.


4) Diversify:

Cross-training or diversifying your exercises can be useful for your body. It helps give specific muscles a break while you work others out. Changing up workouts also helps avoid burn-out or boredom. Make your workouts fun! If you enjoy what you’re doing, you’re more likely to stick with it, so do workouts you enjoy. Try new things by taking a class or asking your trainer to help you mix things up.


5) Sleep and Diet:

Being fit isn’t just about exercise. To maximize your workout, and to be healthy, you need a good night’s rest – about 7-9 hours – and a proper diet. Don’t skip breakfast, either! People who do are more likely to get sugar and carb cravings! Get a good night’s rest, and eat well. Both will contribute to your overall functional fitness.


If you need advice on your fitness program or selecting a program that might be good for your fitness level, I’d be happy to speak with you!