Your gluteal muscles are the largest and most important group of muscles in your body. Besides looking good in jeans, it’s because they consist of three muscles that work together to rotate, abduct and extend the hip making them essential to everyday movements. By strengthening these muscles (the gluteus minimus, medius, and maximus) your posture, performance and overall strength will improve drastically.

Advantages of having strong glutes are:

Better posture
With most of us having to spend the majority of our days with our buns glued to a chair, we are at high risk of contracting the “sitting disease”. Too much sitting can actually lead to organ damage, muscle atrophy, and injured backs. When strengthening your glute muscles, you’ll have a strong spin and which will improve your posture.

Improved athletic performance
Besides looking incredible in jeans…your buns can generate a significant amount of power. Strengthening your gluteus maximus can lead to improved speed, acceleration, and explosive power. It’s simple, athletes with strong glutes and hip complex are stronger and faster than those with weak glutes.

Reduced chance of injury
Not only are strong glutes essential to athletic performance but they also play a vital role in reducing your chance of injury, like a fall. Having strong glute muscles can prevent serious injuries to your knees, lower back, and hamstrings, all of which are essential to simple daily activities. Weak glute muscles can also cause poor lower back alignment which can lead to some serious injuries including sprains and tears in your back muscles.

Below are some exercises that can help strengthen your fine buns!!

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Quadruped hip extensions
  • Single leg bridge
  • Walking sideways with a resistance band around your ankles